Siobhan Magnus will be leaving “American Idol” tonight having been voted off by the public.

What a shock! I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Our girl Siobhan didn’t make the cut after 33 million viewers phoned in to cast their vote.

As the results were read out Siobhan, Michael Lynche and Casey James were called to the stage as the final three.

Lynche said “Everybody did well last night. There’s no shame in being in the final three.”

Then it came out that it was Siobhan who would be heading home.

Siobhan dealt with the devastating news very well. She said he hoped that being on “American Idol” would have a big impact on her baby sisters and said “I did my best”.

Siobhan gave a brilliant performance of “Think”, by Aretha Franklin and then ran straight to her family. As she went in for a big group hug someone in the huddle said “you’re still our star”.

Even Simon Cowell will be sorry see Siobhan go and said he’d miss her. Randy Jackson said “Keep being yourself. I think you’ve an amazing career in front of you.”

Ellen DeGenres is certainly ready to help that career along. She said “I’ll see you tomorrow on my show.”

It must have been a real shock to Siobhan whose performance of Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine” seemed to blow the judges away last night while Crystal Bowersox song didn’t seem to particularly excite them.

At least on her final night Siobhan was looking pretty in pink. She was rocking a satin cowl neck top, shocking pink shirt with signature shaggy hair and flat boots. She looked relaxed and, as usual, unique.

Now the competition is down to the final five it will be interesting to see what happens next!

Siobhan’s “independent spirit and razor focus”, as Ryan Seacrest said, will be missed.