'American Idol' frontrunner Siobhan Magnus just picked up thousands of new fans.

The only thing is she might not really want this new lot.

Votefortheworst.com, a website dedicated to keeping the worst singers in the competition, yesterday named Magnus as their new favorite.

So why did they pick her?

'The only thing to look forward to in 'American Idol' is Siobhan’s screeching, talking back to the judges in the slowest possible manner, strange outfits, and bipolar antics,' according to the website’s spokespersons.

'She’s been slowly but surely campaigning for our love for weeks, and it looks like it finally paid off.'

It's snarky comments like this that make true Siobhan bristle. Members of the website have been unrestrained in their enthusiasm for the singer.

'I embrace our Shrieking Banshee Overlord,' wrote one. 'It would be totally awesome if she gets a chance to sing ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ before this season’s over,' wrote another.


Here's how one Vote For The Worst fan sees it: 'Siobhan is such a nerd, geek, social misfit, whatever, that I totally get her as our next pick. Those big ass glasses alone make her worthy. And the rambling! Good Lord in heaven, she can’t shut up. And the bad clothes. And the fact that she wavers between being really good and making my dogs run and hide in the closet with her performances. So yeah, I get it. Go Siobhan!'