Did Siobhan Magnus get a fair shake on American idol?

Looking at her shocked family last night you had to think that if looks could kill they would have struck down Simon Cowell.

On several occasion he was downright obnoxious about the Irish American girl from Cape Cod.

The embrace between Siobhan and Simon was as awkward as a first kiss.

Neither, it was clear, could stand the other and Siobhan did not try and hide it.

He saved his worst vitriol for her during the preceding weeks and no doubt that had a huge impact on the voting public as they began to vote.

Cowell gets away with it of course, as the guy we all love to hate.

But tearing down young and very vulnerable men and women before a national audience is not a very nice way to earn a living.

Especially when you have shown no sign of talent whatsoever yourself.

What music has Simon every composed or sung?

What great contribution has he made to music other than to act as the Lord High Executioner on a television program?

In the modern world, however, he who speaks loudest gets the biggest check.

The way he demolished Siobhan Magnus over the past few weeks has been little short of disgraceful.

To those who say it is only Simon being Simon I say yes and what an awful soul it must be to inhabit.

Destroying young lives at their most vulnerable time is hardly a great way to make a living now Simon is it?

Siobhan was the one true bright spark this 'Idol' season. Now she is gone .

I'm sure Simon is very happy.

But he has't heard the last of Siobhan.

I predict she will be the biggest name from this 'Idol' crop in years to come.

Mark my words.