Siobhan Magnus is referred to as "Lady Lambert' behind the scenes at American Idol it has been revealed.

The reference is to last year's out there runner up Adam Lambert who later came out and who mentored the final contenders this week.

Like Adam Siobhan has shown a wild and outrageous side and has certainly caught the eyes of the judges, both good and bad.

She has said that she wants to show a different side of her unique personality every week and that has certainly been the case

Her ability to standout was referenced by Lambert himself "I think she's a free spirit. I can see where they get the free spirit similarity ... She's definitely a dynamic singer and she takes risks." he said on the show.

Meanwhile, Lady Lambert herself is said to be relieved and delighted that she made it into the final seven on Wednesday night.

It was not looking good for her after very mixed reviews but there's something about Siobhan that the great American audience like !