Sinead O'Connor
The singer – who released her new LP 'How About I Be Me (And You Be You?) earlier this week – hopes people who are listening to it are taken on a journey, but admits essentially it boils down to one thing, sex.

She told The Word magazine: "I always liked the idea that you listened to my records like reading the diaries of someone recovering from very severe abuse.

"A journey documented musically, and the whole point of the journey is to get happy. There's no point taking the journey if, at the end of it, you're going to be f**king miserable. But it's all down to the c**k, obviously. As it always is."

Sinead has previously made public pleas for sex and she admits she did so to cause trouble.

She said: "It was amusing, because we're still a very repressed country about sexuality. It was hilarious, reactions and reactions, six weeks of complete f**king mayhem which was just the best six weeks I've ever had in my life!"

Sinéad O'Connor - The Wolf Is Getting Married @ El Rey Theatre 2/20/2012: