Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O’Connor could have been wearing pinstripes if it wasn’t for her music career, she says.

In an interview broadcast last Sunday on the BBC, O’Connor said that she didn’t have talent to pursue any other vocation.  "There were a lot of good things about [early fame] – I was going to make a living being a singer, which was great, because I couldn't do anything else and I was headed down a sort of, pretty criminal path and if I hadn't got rescued by music, I probably could have ended up in trouble,” she said.

She’s certainly caused a lot of that during her career, now in its fourth decade – the biggest trouble coming after she shredded a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live in 1992.  She was asked what she remembered about that time, and all she could come up with was an incident that happened when she left the show’s studios when a “bunch of fellas” threw eggs at her and her childhood friend.

Sinead and the pal were star sprinters at school, she said, and they ran after the guys. “We made them apologize, then we got in a cab and went home,” she added.

She still has the white lace dress she wore onstage that night. In fact it used to belong to British
songstress Sade, and Sinead bought it at an auction.

“She may not know this, but when I came to England in 1985 I went to a rock 'n' roll auction and I bought a dress for £800 that used to belong to Sade. It was one of Sade's favorites, one of her famous white dresses and I was wearing it on Saturday Night Live and now my daughter wears it and she's going to wear it as her wedding dress,” Sinead said.

“So I've said to my daughter, 'This is a dress for women to cause trouble in.’ Of course, Sade is a lady and behaves herself at all times."