Sinead O'Connor

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor got the boot from a dating website in under 45 minutes after her profile was found to be too raunchy. The Dublin singer said she penned the profile hoping to prove a theory to a pal.

46-year-old O’Connor told the Irish Daily Star, “I wrote a profile so sexual it was removed by the people running the site. And trust me, in the past I’ve written some humdinger profiles but never had one removed.”

“I am very proud,” added O’Connor, who said “I wrote a very horn-creating account of exactly what the f*** would be happening on my ideal first date.”

O’Connor went on to explain to the Daily Star that she created the explicit profile to prove a theory to a pal: “Men on dating sites ONLY want the ride and they don’t really give a s*** who or what.”

“There’s a HUGE market for any enterprising men out there,” said O’Connor. “Especially of forty and over. This f***ing country [Ireland] is an embarrassment when it comes to catering for the desires of ladies who don’t want to be girlfriends or wives.”

O’Connor said her profile was “horn creating” and that “It didn’t get removed for about 45 minutes and in that time there were literally over 160 replies.”

Amid those replies was one from a former suitor, who O’Connor says she had “boned a few times,” but tried to trick her this time around!

“Not realising it was me, he replied he had a car and could meet me, only I know the lying f***er has no car.

“So without saying it was me I just wrote back and said ‘you don’t have a car’ and then he knew it was me!”

Despite being kicked off initially, the Dublin singer was permitted back on to the site after agreeing to “clean up” her profile.

The Irish singer’s search for love appears to be an endless one. O’Connor has already gone through four husbands, and has had several other boyfriends.