The Rubberbandits pose outside Ireland's
House of Parliament
Sinead O’Connor, who has only recently resurrected on Twitter under the handle @NoMansWoman, has been Tweeting back and forth with Limerick’s own hip-hop comedy duo The Rubberbandits.

On Sunday, The Rubberbandits (@Rubberbandits) tweeted to Sinead O’Connor (@NoMansWoman) saying “we're in Edinburgh discussing your work, and we've decided that we love you.”

O’Connor responded only moments later: “@Rubberbandits I was in Waterford discussing YOUR work only last night! and have always loved you! Can I be the slut in ur next video?”

The Rubberbandits replied to O’Connor’s offer saying simply: “@NoMansWoman yes you most definitely can.”

O’Connor followed up with: “@Rubberbandits am happy to be evil witch too.. Or anything for that matter.. I'd f*** brian Cowan To be in your s***.”

Fifteen minutes after that, O’Connor clarified to her nearly 1,500 followers by saying “For any1 who doesn't know The Rubberbandits check you tube 'Horse Outside' and prepare to p*** your panties.”

Not only is O’Connor a fan of The Rubberbandits, but also of foul language, evidently.

The Rubberbandits said to O’Connor “@NoMansWoman you should pop over to Edinburgh and see one of our shows. We'll put you up and all.”

The Rubberbandits said to O’Connor that they were gigging at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, and described it as great craic. O’Connor tweeted to another follower that the Limerick bred duo are “very very silly. Silly is the most important thing on earth to be.”