Michael Fassbender
Hollywood’s favorite Irish actor is too busy for love – but Michael Fassbender hasn’t ruled out romance forever.

The Kerry star recently enjoyed some steamy romps in the movie Shame but claims that’s the only action he’s had of late.

Fassbender has told journalists that his career takes priority over a relationship as his star rises.

He has also admitted that he ‘finds it difficult’ to be tied to someone thanks to his dedication to the movie industry.

“To be honest, relationships as a whole for me in this industry have been a difficult thing to maintain,” Fassbender told Bang Showbiz.

“It goes with the territory. I would be prepared to walk away from relationships because of my job. I wanted to give this everything and go for it 110%, so I guess my work has taken precedence over that.”

Previously linked with X Men: First Class co-star Zoe Kravitz, Fassbender admits he did seek counseling from a former girlfriend over his relationship issues.

He added: “It was something I thought I would try out. And I do think it’s a very helpful process, if there is an improvement at the end of it.”