A chicago strip club is holding a 'Sexy Sarah Palin' lookalike contest to raise money for the Tea Party movement.

The contest is being held on May 12 at The Admiral Theatre Gentlemen's Club in the city, the same day Palin will be in town raising money for the Republican Party.

The strip club will give away $5,000 to the winner. All proceeds will go to the colorful organization that has claimed that President Obama was born in Kenya, that death panels want to euthanize your grandparents and that Health Care reform is a socialist plot.

But even we were surprised by the nature of this particular fundraiser.

Since when did stripping become an expression of family values? Isn't there a sexist double standard at work here - after all, who is going to seriously suggest a sexy John Mc Cain lookalike contest?

Is the Tea Party in such dire financial trouble they have to resort to such a shameless ploy to raise money? To have a contest like this to raise money is just inviting trouble, we think. Talk about going rogue.