Sarah Jessica Parker
The 'I Don't Know How She Does It' actress isn't fluent in any other languages other than English but she has learnt how to tell waiters she doesn't want the herb in her food because she dislikes it so much.

In response to the question "what other languages can you speak?" during a twitter webchat for Glamour magazine, she said: "A teeny tiny amount of French & I can say 'no parsley' in 6 languages."

The 46-year-old beauty also revealed being a working mother has its benefits and disadvantages depending on what her schedule is like.
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The 'Sex and the City' star - who has three children, James, eight, and two-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha, with her husband Matthew Broderick - explained: "The best is being able to take the children to amazing places ... The worst is being away sometimes."

Despite the huge success she has enjoyed in her career, the actress - who is most famous for her TV and movie role as columnist Carrie Bradshaw - insists her kids have given her the most fulfilment in life.

When asked "what's your biggest achievement?" by one twitter user, she replied: "My children's contentment."