"Sex and the City 2" has opened to disappointing box office results.

The much hyped sequel dropped from $13 million in Friday to just $10 million on Saturday.

It appears the bad reviews have finally had an impact

'Shrek Forever After ' now looks certain to win what experts are calling the slowest box office Memorial Day in a decade.

Sex and the Citys' three day gross stands at $32 million and its four day total (it was released on Thursday) has reached only $46.3 million, far less than the $57 million grossed by the original film two years ago.

Meanwhile, Prince of Persia took third place,

Shrek Forever After hit $17 million on Saturday, for a three-day total of $43.3 million. reaching $133 million in 10 days. The final chapter is still more than $50 million behind Shrek the Third and it’s unlikely it will catch up .