Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair in Anger Management

The 40-year-old actress says she is grateful for the love and support she has received after Lionsgate, which produces the TV sitcom, confirmed she is not returning to the show following her "heated battle" with its leading star, Charlie Sheen.

She wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: "I thank you for support and love."

Charlie reportedly told producers of the show that he would quit if they did not immediately replace Selma, who played his therapist and love interest on the show, because he believed she was trashing his work ethic behind his back.

Producers quickly gave into his demands and the studio released a statement earlier on Wednesday, saying: "We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to 'Anger Management' and we wish her the very best."

Charlie - who was fired from 'Two and a Half Men' in 2011 after his infamous hell-raising lifestyle got out of control - is said to be eager for Mila Kunis to replace Selma.

He has apparently pitched a 10-episode storyline to producers with Mila and the 'Ted' actress will be offered $1 million per episode to take on the part.

The outspoken actor, who is reportedly set to earn between $75 million and $200 million if he completes the 100-episode order for the series, has starred in roughly 50 episodes to date.