Latest reports suggest that Lady Gaga now has her bodyguards by her side even when she sleeps.

Her fans are becoming so obsessed that it's starting to scare her! A source close to Gaga said that she is afraid that she will be murdered by some crazy obsessed fan and meet the same fate that of Beatles star John Lennon.

John Lennon lost his life when a crazed fan Mark Chapman shot him outside his Manhattan apartment on December 8th 1980.

Gaga has security around her at all times, in her New York apartment, while she visits family and even going to the store. The source revealed that security has been tightened.

“She worries over how John Lennon died and fears the same happening to her. She has these horrible thoughts that there may be plans to kill her.Her security team are always close by. She is becoming more and more reliant on them and won’t go anywhere alone. Her bodyguard even sits in her room as she sleeps.”

Her current love interest Luc Carl is said to be annoyed by the constant barrage of security. The source told Heat Magazine: “Luc is getting a bit sick of having security around all the time. When they’re hanging out at Gaga’s place and her bodyguard is there, it kills the mood. But if she feels safer, he understands.” Better to be safe than sorry Luc!