If you want a feel good movie in your life "Secretariat" is the one to see.

Big Red as he was known, cheered up a generation of horse goers and ordinary Americans when he ran away with the Triple Crown in 1974.

Monty Roberts, the horse whisperer once said that the "outside of a horse does good for the inside of a man"

Thus it is with Secretariat, a story of a horse who transformed the horse racing world with his brilliance.

The back story of how the owner lost a coin toss and still ended up with Secretariat then had to fight to keep him when hard times hit is heartwarming.

Penny Chenery was a woman ahead of her time and as played by Diane Lane, who will surely be Oscar-nominated, she certainly had the guts to stand up in a men's only world.

We are in troubled times again yet, looking back on Secretariat we can realize that sometimes a heartwarming story can move us and teach us about the possibilities of life rather than the drawbacks.

Secretariat just went out and won. In Nike parlance he would say to Americans today 'Just Do It"

The pity is we don't have a Secretariat right now but in this movie we can certainly glimpse what it was a like when a superstar horse was around.

Quite simply it made America feel better.