The 'Iron Man 2' actress split from her 'Green Lantern' star husband after three years together last November, citing irreconcilable differences, and their marriage was legally ended over the weekend.
According to documents filed in court, the couple had no prenuptial agreement meaning the assets each of them accrued during their marriage will be split evenly.
Scarlett, 26, and Ryan, 34, started dating in 2007, before announcing their engagement in 2008 and marrying in a small ceremony in Canada in September of the same year. The couple then moved into a $2.8 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, California, together.
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Speaking about the separation last month, Ryan said: "Anyone who gets divorced goes through a lot of pain, but you come out of it. I'm not out of it yet. At all.
"But I sense that as I do come through it, there's optimism. How can there not be?'
"I don't think I want to get married again. But you always re-evaluate these things."
While Ryan has said he is not ready to start dating anyone else yet, Scarlett started a relationship with actor Sean Penn earlier this year, but it is thought to have ended after three months.
Scarlett has previously admitted she is no expert on marriage, saying: "I don't profess to know anything about marriage that anybody else doesn't know, or how to make it right."