Sarah Jessica Parker
The 'New Year's Eve' actress marks the occasion at home with husband Matthew Broderick and their three kids, nine-year-old son James Wilkie and two-year-old twin daughters Marion and Tabitha, but has a bigger celebration with her extended family on Boxing Day.

She said: "It's usually just us on Christmas Day, then we go to my mother's the day after Christmas with all my brothers and sisters.

"She always makes eggnog from scratch, with raw eggs and all. We go to my sister's house for Hanukkah, so we get to do the best of both."


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While the family have a small gathering on Christmas Day, they will see many of their other loved ones on Christmas Eve.

She explained: "On Christmas Eve, family or friends will drop by for cocktails and we try to get to bed at a decent hour so when the kids wake at dawn we're prepared."