Sarah Jessica Parker clearly retains a huge soft spot for Co. Donegal, where she and her husband Matthew Broderick maintain a holiday home which they haven’t visited for a while due to busy schedules and, no doubt, the arrival of twin girls last year.

But when the call came from a local women’s group in Killybegs asking if the Sex and the City icon might be able to donate something for their upcoming raffle, she more than stepped up to the plate.  SJP said she would give one of her couture bags for the event, and the prize arrived via FedEx last week – a clutch by vintage designer Paco Rabanne worth more than $2,000.  Ka-ching!

According to the local Donegal Democrat, the bag comes from the Rabanne Le 69 collection, and the London Museum of Design has called it one of the 50 bags that changed the world (who knew a purse has such powers!)

“Sarah Jessica may be a superstar but she has proven by her generous donation that she is a woman with one very big heart -- without out her this could never have happened. She is one of our own,” said Anne McSharry of the Killybegs Women’s Group.

The superstar even sent a hand-written note wishing organizers the best of luck.  “I miss Ireland and send my best wishes,” she added.

The fundraiser will take place on July 15, and tickets for the coveted SJP bag are only 5 each.  Undoubtedly the group will raise oodles of money from Carrie Bradshaw wannabes dying to get their hands on one of her designer staples.

"Since the story broke our phones haven't stopped ringing. It is unbelievable the interest the bag has stirred,” McSharry said.

"This will be a superb fundraiser. At only 5 per ticket you have the prospect of carrying a classic handbag owned by Sarah Jessica Parker. We expect a huge demand.”  That’s a bargain that even Carrie would go crazy for!

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