The comic star is good friends with the ex-Oasis guitarist - acting as best man at the musician's recent wedding - and eventually convinced Noel to re-write the plot for the promo for 'AKA… What A Life' so he could be in it.

Noel revealed: "The day before I finished the video Russell Brand was like, Can I have a cameo?' Initially I said, 'F**k that,' but we re-wrote a load of stuff and he's in it now as some sort of crazed guy wearing a top hat. It's f***ing ridiculous."

Noel is enjoying being a solo artist so far, especially having the power to pick and choose what singles he releases because his new album 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' is being released on his own Sour Mash record label.

The rocker – who quit Oasis in August 2009 after a bust-up with his brother Liam Gallagher - added: "The record label is mine and not funded by anyone else, so I can just phone up the office and go, 'We're going with 'AKA… What A Life!' instead of 'If I Had A Gun' now.' "Why?" Because I f***ing said so!'