It's taken 13 years between episodes (see picture above!), but today Rosie O'Donnell appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" again. After the surprise of seeing the Queen of Daytime hosting the Queen of Talk, the interview turned out to be a zinger.

O'Donnell shared some of the details concerning her now famous run-in with Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on "The View," including the main reasons why she decided to quit the show. O'Donnell also shared some of the details that led to her and Kelli O'Donnell's decision to divorce.

Oprah's main questions revolved around O'Donnell's role as mom to her four children, including how she and Kelli are co-parenting them now that they are apart. Rolled into this discussion was Rosie sharing a clip from her forthcoming movie "A Family is a Family is a Family."

The fact that neither daytime Queen mentioned is that Rosie's return to the afternoon talk circuit will coincide with Oprah's departure. Perhaps it's just as well, awckward silence doesn't play well on television.