Holly Sweeney

Holly Sweeney, childhood sweetheart and ex-girlfriend of golf pro Rory McIlroy, has done a fine job of keeping her head held high following the quick turnaround Rory had with pro-tennis player Caroline Wozniacki following his and Holly’s spilt.

The blond 21 year old Holly recently wrapped filming for an Irish version of ‘Come Dine with Me,’ reports the Belfast Telegraph, where she cheekily provided a theme of ‘golf pros and tennis hos.’ While the theme itself isn’t a new idea, the significance of it rings all too near to Holly’s own personal experiences.

While preparing for the filming of her themed dinner, Holly began receiving a slew of texts from McIlroy, begging her not to go through with theme, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

“She started laughing and said Rory had just discovered that she was having a tennis and golf-themed night and asked her to back out of it. She just laughed and carried on cooking,” an insider told the Telegraph.

Holly got in another dig to Rory when she tweeted “Rory McIlroy wrist injury fears: Well that’s what happens when ye get rid of yer girlfriend.”

Rory and Holly were together officially for six years before their split this summer. They shared a luxury home together, and no one would have been surprised if Holly was looking for a ring this holiday season.

Holly appeared on a television documentary welcoming her beau back to Northern Ireland just after winning the US Open. Days later, Rory called it quits. His quick turnaround to be with pro tennis player Caroline Wozniacki appeared to add insult to injury for the newly single Holly.

The Belfast Telegraph goes on to report that Rory was rather blunt with Holly after meeting Caroline in Germany, saying he was interested in seeing “how it would go with her [Wozniacki].” Sure enough, the two are still dating.

Here’s hoping that Holly will overcome the split and not let it define her. She’s had her few digs now at her ex, but it’s time to move on. It’s better to see her thriving and not wallowing in the breakup.