In addition to being the top ranked pro golfer in the world, Rory McIlroy also makes time to be a great boyfriend, this according to Caroline Wozniacki, his pro tennis playing galpal.

“Our schedules have been fitting really well. We both travel the world and follow the sun. He’s been making a lot of time for me,” Wozniacki told The Irish Times last weekend.

The couple have been together for nearly a year now, after McIlroy dumped his childhood sweetheart Holly Sweeney, and they seem quite content as one of the most well-known sporting couples in the world.

Wozniacki hasn’t been to the Irish Republic yet, she said, but she’s been to McIlroy’s Belfast home turf a couple of times.

“I’ve been to Belfast . . . I’d really like to (come to the south) so I’ll just have to check my schedule, and Rory’s as well,” she says.

The couple are regular users of Twitter and regularly go back and forth together. Last week Wozniacki, 20, noted McIlroy’s 23rd birthday on the social media site.

“Happy birthday to the best boyfriend in the world @McIlroyRory!! 23 years young today!!:))),” she tweeted.