Rory McIlroy
Irish (British?) golf star Rory McIlroy didn’t win a $10 million FedEx bonus on Sunday in Atlanta, but he’ll eventually be saving a whole lotta cash when he unloads his multi-million dollar estate at home in Moneyreagh, Co. Down.

McIlroy, 23, has listed his 6,000 square foot five bedroom home on the outskirts of Belfast for £2 million, reason being that with his worldwide golf schedule he hardly spends any time there.  When he is home, he added, he’d just as soon stay with his parents.

“I have really enjoyed living here,” McIlroy says on the website advertising the house for sale. “The house has always been busy with friends and family and has suited us on all occasions.”

The house boasts all kinds of amenities, including a gym, tennis court, limestone floors and, last but certainly not least, four golfing greens.

"When I go back home to Northern Ireland, I'll just spend time with my mum and dad. Hopefully they'll have a room for me there," McIlroy said.