Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki going strong

They've weathered some tough times in their professional lives these past few weeks, but Irish golf superstar Rory McIlroy and his tennis playing sweetie Caroline Wozniacki insist their romance is still going strong.

McIlroy had a meltdown and walked off the course a couple of weeks ago, and Woz hasn’t won a substantial tournament in a long time, so the press decided that broken hearts might be the reason for the poor play – not to mention that they haven’t been tweeting each other nearly as much as they used to.

But the couple dubbed Wozzilroy insist that their nearly two-year old relationship is still going strong.

"Just because I have a bad day on the golf course and Caroline loses a match in Malaysia, it doesn't mean that we're breaking up," McIlroy said.

"It's sport. And look, I'd rather keep my private life as private as possible. Everything on that front is great.”

Danish Caroline, sporting the dazzling sapphire ring Rory gifted her with at Christmas, also affirmed that all is well in paradise.

“We’ve been in the media spotlight for so long . . . I think we’ve gotten used to that part of it. We don’t really pay attention to it anymore,” she said. “Unless it’s a rumor like there was the other day that we’ve broken up and I was like, ‘Oh really? I didn’t realize that. Thanks for letting me know.’”