Oh dear, the reaction from Rolling Stone to the Pot O' Gold episode of Glee has been very negative.

It is the episode that featured the debut of Damian McGinty and the Rolling Stone folk were not impressed.

Critic Erica Futterman stated "Glee returned last night after a three week hiatus (thanks, MLB!), with "Pot O' Gold," premised on reaching one's goals. While the characters achieved varying degrees of success in that endeavor by the hour's end, the stale and unfunny "Pot O' Gold" outright failed to keep up the momentum started by the season's first three episodes.
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Damian McGinty – one of the two winners of Glee's reality show The Glee Project – made his debut last night as Rory Flanagan, an Irish foreign exchange student staying with Brittany's family. She, naturally, believes that he is a leprechaun and promises him her "pot of gold" if he grants her three wishes. As she is is his only real friend and as he has a massive crush on her, Rory agrees.

He's quite endearing, though you can't understand a word he says until he opens his mouth to cover the Muppets. Rory channels Kermit's discontent over being green, wandering McKinley as everyone exists around him without actually seeing him. His voice is quite lovely, but – though a classic – this extremely mellow tune is not the way to welcome Glee back after three weeks, especially given that it's sung by a new character."