Dwina Gibb leaves her husband's funeral last week in Oxfordshire, England (Pic: © Enigma)
Dwina Gibb, Irish widow of Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb, who passed away on May 20 after a long battle against cancer, spoke last week about her tragic husband’s last words – he wished to go home.

“Now all I want is his old room back with Robin in it. I always sleep with his teddy bear beside him. I gave it to him a long time ago and Robin’s initials embroidered on the teddy's blue shirt,” she told the Sun.

Dwina, a native of Co. Tyrone, is many things – author, poet, artist and Druid priestess. She wrote a parting poem for her husband of 27 years called “My Songbird Has Flown” which was read at the funeral.

It hasn’t been easy on Dwina. Robin fathered a love child three years ago and paid the mother, a former housekeeper, a settlement of £4 million months before he died.

Reports out of England say that Dwina is worried that his former mistress, Claire Yang, will seek more cash when the details of his £140 million estate are made public.