Robert Pattinson’s protective sisters, Lizzy (29) and Victoria (27)

Robert Pattinson’s protective sisters, Lizzy (29) and Victoria (27) are furious that the “Twilight” star has decided to reconcile with Kristen Stewart after her affair with “Snow White” director Rupert Sanders.

Now Daily reports that the sisters are “vivid”. They feel it’s only a matter of time before Kristen Stewart humiliates their little brother again. Lizzy and Victoria had hoped that Pattinson would move back to London when they split but now the “Twlight” co-stars have moved back in together.

They told Now that they believe Stewart will eventually make their brother look like an idiot.

Although the Pattinson girls are utterly against the relationship it was Kristen Stewart’s mother who was instrumental in getting them back together. According to the Christian post Jules Stewart thinks of Robert Pattinson as a son and spent time trying to convince him to give her daughter a second chance.

Jules tried to convince him that Stewart is his soul mate and that she would not repeat her mistake again.
Do you think this is true or are you siding with the Pattinson girls?