The 'Water for Elephants' actor loved his early career when he had more time to relax and indulge in his favourite leisurely pursuits.

He said: "My ideal job would be one day a week. When I first started acting, I'd get one job a year that lasted three months and then I'd do nothing the rest of the time but I'd have enough money to survive.

"I'd read the papers every day, get in a lot of DVDs. That was great. I've got simple tastes."

Robert also admitted he hates having to work out and does as little as possible if it isn't necessary for a role.

Speaking of his preparations for shirtless scenes, he explained to Britain's Elle magazine: "I'll be going to the gym for four hours a day. I don't eat at all except for protein shakes.

"But I don't understand how you could maintain that all your life. After the scene's done, I don't work out again. It's a ridiculous idea that you're not a proper actor if you don't have a six-pack."