READ MORE- 'Twilight's' Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart film 12hr sex scene

We all know, our favorite "Twilight" couple, Rob and Kristen, are busy filming their honeymoon scenes for “Breaking Dawn”. One scene sure to get fan’s hearts racing is the couple first sex scene, which reports earlier this week said lasted 12 hours.

The sex scene has been described as violent as Edward tries to control himself from biting his new wife. His super vampire strengths means he gets carried away and Bella ends up bruised. He also bites at a feather pillow so hard that its contents become scattered throughout their honeymoon suite.

Robert Pattinson was reportedly upset doing the scene and asked if they could use doubles. His real life girlfriend is so petite, he was afraid he would hurt her while acting out the intense moments.

Make up artists made the actress appear black and blue for the morning after scenes and sources say he was upset when he saw Kristen covered in bruises.