Megastar Robert Pattinson has complained in the past about the constant attention that comes with fame, but the 25-year-old actor probably wasn't too happy when he was turned away from a party in Toronto last week.

Pattinson showed up at a private party for 'Vice' magazine at The Poor Alex, a small venue on Dundas West, on June 16 with two guys and three girls and was initially refused admittance.

“Rob and his pals weren’t getting in as there was a line,” a source told Hollywood Life. “So they took a security guard around the corner to chat with him and a while later they ended up getting in.”

Pattinson, who is currently living in Toronto while filming  his new film 'Cosmopolis,' was dressed incognito in a baseball hat and a brown jacket, according to some partygoers.

“He was definitely trying to be discreet but it didn’t seem like anyone really cared or knew who he was,” said the source. “It was a party full of super extreme hipsters.”