Rob Pattinson should host 'Saturday Night Live' says "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels. Twi-hards all over the U.S. will no doubt be waiting with bated breath.

Michaels told OK! Magazine that he's committed to getting the "Twilight" star to host the show in the future .

“We asked him this season,” Michaels told the magazine. “And then he did Jimmy’s(Fallon) show and that went well for him."

Michaels says he understands how hot a property Pattinson is. SNL could expect a near record audience if Pattinson agreed to host.

Last year Michaels was not so sure that Pattinson would be a huge crowdpuller.
"You never know," he told the magazine back then.

Obviously his tune has changed now that Pattinson has just continued to grow in popularity with ever movie and appearance.