Robert Pattinson

The multi-talented Robert Pattinson is set to perform a duet with his half-vampire daughter Renesmee in next year's 'Breaking Dawn Part 2,' according to Hollwood Life.

Carter Burwell, the composer from 'Twilight' and 'Breaking Dawn Part 1,' wrote the father/daughter duet.

“Generally, I don’t actually write anything until a film has actually been shot,” he told The Sag Harbor Express.
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“But, there are some exceptions. In the movie I’m working on right now, which is Breaking Dawn: Part II, they needed Rob Pattinson and the actress who plays his daughter to play piano onscreen. I had to write this duet before they shot the film so they could actually learn the parts. Rob is a musician, so he prides himself on working out the fingering for these correctly.”

The 25-year-old actor played the piano in 'Twilight' and recorded two songs on the film's soundtrack: “Never Think” and “Let Me Sign” — written by his buds Marcus Foster and Bobby Long.