Robert Pattinson and a group of friends are continuing their male bonding road trip across America en route to visit Kristen Stewart on the set of "On the Road".

More sightings of the poor boys have been made along their way but it has to be said that Pattinson is keeping up his reputation of being a good natured, polite and happy chap.

So far they've stopped in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and the constant reports back from his fans has been nothing but glowing.

Apparantly Pattinson visited the Buddy Holly museum in Lubbock, Texas. A fan posted online that she'd bumped into him at the museum. When she asked if it was really him he said "No you've got the wrong guy."

The fan wrote "Rob was soo nice & polite even tho he looked sleepy. He said he was going to head out & asked me nicely not to post anything about his whereabouts for a few hours."

So he does realize that he's been stalked then. That's a relief.

The woman continued to describe Pattinson giving her a big hug and bending to shake her 14-month-old son's hand saying "Nice to meet you." It's good to see he hasn't lost his manners.

He also made a rookie mistake (or perhaps it was cunning, who knows) of stopping at a college bar called Crickets, where he was swamped by college girls.

Then he was spotted in Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, Texas. The staff at the bar said that he was "down-to-earth" and "polite".

How refreshing to hear overall good news about someone as famous as he is.

It's expected that his final destination will be New Orleans to rendez vous with Kristen Stewart but it seems that for now even Twihards fans are backing off on Robert "nice guy" Pattinson.