Robert Pattinson has been snapped wearing a wedding band on the set of upcoming movie "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" but even more exciting than this there are further rumors circulating about wedding plans.

As the Prince of England, William Windsor plans to marry his girlfriend Kate Middleton, how fitting that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, already voted in as Hollywood royalty, are making plans to wed.

Apparantly the film's director decided to film these intimate scenes, of the wedding and honeymoon in Brazil, early on in the filming as he knew the young couple would come across well on screen. Irish American director Bill Condon also feared that the couple might break up during the six months of filming which could have made filming these scenes difficult. 

A source told US News Week "Often times on films the sex scenes and the intimacy (between actors who are real-life couples) are shot first to get them out of the way....There’s always that ‘Oh s*** factor’ — what if they break up and we haven’t shot all the intimate stuff yet? It would be awkward for everyone involved. Plus, you’re at risk of wrecking an entire movie, especially one like Breaking Dawn where the fans are dying to see these sexy moments between Edward and Bella."

However reports also say that Pattinson has been sketching wedding rings and he plans on proposing to Stewart. The source said "Rob wants to surprise Kristen and give her the ring in real life!"

Let's just hope this isn't on Robert Pattinson's bad jokes conjured up by his odd sense of humor.