With the release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1” being just months shy of being released, Twi-hards everywhere are dreaming of the awaited vampire sex scene.

Since the release of the series’ final book, many have wondered how the passionate honeymoon scene between Mr. and Mrs. Cullen will translate into film.

The film’s director Bill Condon gushed about filming the special moment during this year’s Comic Con saying, "It was kind of fun! They are so comfortable with each other.”

"They made the whole thing ... it was kind of fun. Those things are always a little strange. They get to be weirdly technical at certain points," reported entertainmentwise.com.

He added: "They managed to put all that aside and turn it into something. That's a very real moment."

The film’s preview captures the infamous moment in which Edward Cullen breaks the headboard during his love act with his new wife, Bella, making fans even more anxious to see the final showdown.
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The honeymoon took place in Brazil and Robert Pattinson talked about his admiration for the South American country. “Brazil was amazing. It was really amazing the day we got there, and really beautiful and warm and everything you'd expect. Then it suddenly, for the remainder of the shoot, was not only raining but like hurricane storms.

"It was kind of like having a honeymoon in England. We were playing board games instead of, like, making love on the beach."