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Robert Pattinson has offered his "Twilight" co-star a back-handed compliment by praising her portrayal of a breathing cadaver.

The praise comes as the pair film the forth offering from the "Twilight" saga, "Breaking Dawn" where Kristen Stewart's character, Bella, finally gets transformed into a vampire.

As an actress, the ability to look lifeless, pale and dead is usually not a compliment and fans could be forgiven for thinking that R-Patz is revealing his true not so romantic colors by saying that acting dead comes naturally to his girlfriend.

“It’s like she wanted to do it the entire time. It’s really funny, it’s like a completely different environment onset when she’s a vampire and when she’s not. I think she’s going to do it really well.”

Pattinson wasn't the only one to praise Stewart's portrayal of the undead as Peter Facinelli, who plays Edward's father in the movies, commented on her acting ability when it came to transforming to a vampire, something both Robert and Peter have been doing for the last three films.

“She’s doing really well. She looks fantastic.”

By "fantastic" he means fantastic at looking dead.

Fans will be delighted to hear that a sex scene in "Breaking Dawn" will have undead Pattinson and Stewart heating up the big screen with their characters, Edward and Bella taking their relationship and the "Twilight" saga to a new level.