Robert Pattinson posed for a revealing 13-hour photo shoot with a pregnant brunette, and it’s not Kristen Stewart!

The London-born actor posed for the magazine shoot to honor Cosmopolis director, David Cronenberg.

The pictures, which will appear in the June issue of France’s Premiere magazine, show the 25-year-old holding hands with a pregnant woman, the pair only covered by a red silk sheet as they lie in bed together. In the same image another R Patz is also pictured beside the mystery brunette gazing at the couple. The pose is inspired by Cronenberg’s 1988's psychological drama "Dead Ringers."

Another graphic shot shows a shirtless Pattinson sporting a deep gash on his belly, which is inspired by Cronenberg's 1983 s
ci-fi horror "Videodrome."

The concept for the 13-hour shoot was apparently Pattinson’s own idea.

In “Cosmopolis” Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a 28-year-old billionaire who finds his life changed forever after he sets off for a haircut in Manhattan one night. The film will be premiere during the upcoming 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

The “Twilight” star said that working alongside David Cronenberg has increased his confidence.

He told Premiere magazine: “Before, I spent my time doubting myself. As soon as I read a script that I liked, I was working myself up, asking myself if I was good enough. Now, I tell myself: 'F*** it! If they want to hire you, go!”

Watch David Cronenberg talk about casting Robert Pattinson for "Cosmopolis":