It's one of the great questions of our age: Who's hotter? Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?

This week Hollywood insiders say they have the answer. Taylor Lautner is the hotter of the two Twilight hunks according to Tinsel Town's experts.

A team of Hollywood pros (which includes agents, managers, and film directors) declared that the 18-year-old walking tooth paste commercial Taylor has a better chance of surviving in Hollywood once Twilight wraps.

So why does Pattinson fail to make the cut? He is reportedly too broody and stars in too many independent films. The expert crew thinks artistic fulfillment stands in the way of achieving Hollywood hunk status.

Art ain't macho, and macho sells movies, or so they say.

It's true that Pattinson prefers starring in adult dramas as opposed to shoot em' up action films: the British hunk just wrapped up filming on 'Water for Elephants' this summer while Taylor is prepping for a starring role in the big dumb action-packed Stretch Armstrong movie.

An unnamed director says that Taylor's universal appeal allows him to win these big-budget action roles:

'Work-wise, Taylor has much more universal appeal than Rob. With his, strong, muscular frame, Taylor can go for a lot more roles that are needed in Hollywood, while Robert will be much more at home in the independent world. Taylor will definitely be more bankable when it comes to big-budget movies.'

This is Hollywood double-speak for the age old jock versus brainy, beautiful nerd death match. Hollywood's conventional in its tastes, which is why it makes so very many big dumb shoot em' up movies in the first place.

The other thing Pattinson is doing wrong is that reportedly he doesn't get naked enough to satisfy the masses.

'Pattinson doesn’t take his shirt off enough. I think Taylor adds a few more layers to things that make him more marketable, he’s the next Tom Cruise!'

Maybe Lautner should have a long hard think if he really wants to be, though.