Don't put Robert Pattinson down as a rebel without a cause. In fact don't put him down as rebel period.

James Dean he ain't. The former rebel admits his bad boy days are in his past

The Twilight' star Robert Pattinson has admitted that be used to be more "rebellious" than he now is.

Speaking to 'MTV News', the actor stated : "I used to be more [rebellious]. I've been beaten by the system."

"The only way I can really get things done is if I completely believe the opposite."

"If I make myself believe the opposite, then the thing I initially wanted will happen. That's the way I've worked my whole life."

"If I keep working, working, working at the opposite of what I want, I'll get everything I want."

So no rebel rebel, just head down and elbows up and work hard.

Here's to you Mr.Pattinson. Ordinary guy.