Brace yourselves girls (and boys) Robert Pattinson is NOT dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. The fact is he did not say he was dating his Stewart during the BAFTA Awards post-party. But a tabloid media hungry for news wants you to think he did.

The startling declaration originated from The Sun, one of the most sensational tabloids in Britain, and after an investigating into the source of the story, The Sun's reporter sounds defensive and unconvincing now.

Now some of you may be sighing with relief that Rpatz is still on the market. Would you be surprised to learn that Kristen Stewart may be at the head of that list herself? The young starlet, who in public always looks like she's about to undergo an especially challenging root canal, obviously doesn't love all the trappings that come with fame and fortune. She won't enjoying being linked to her co-star if it's not true. Hollywood's a game but some don't enjoy playing along.

Today The Sun's unnamed reporter was the one admitting now that Pattinson did not say he is dating Stewart, confirming Pattinson "didn't say 'we are a couple'" and adding "he wasn't going to spell it out in great detail."

So no scoop there, folks. Just a lot of insinuation and wishful thinking. Regarding why the reporter quoted him as saying "We are together", he said he was actually questioning "Is this a public appearance together?" As for how he led to conclusion that Pattinson "admitted" he was Stewart's boyfriend, the reporter said "That's my assumption from what he said."

Assumptions aren't facts. This whole story looks like it was just wishful thinking.