Robert Pattinson

The ‘Twilight Saga’ actor is godfather to Tom Sturridge’s nephew Rudy, 18 months, and Rudy’s mother Matilda says her son is lucky to have such people in his life.

She told London’s Evening Standard newspaper: “Rudy’s very lucky. He’s got some cool godparents!

“He has what I had and more. We’ve done that kind of Italian thing, where he’s grown up with all our families. I can go to work and there’s no sense of abandonment. He’s so easy, so calm, I’ve never seen anyone so happy. I don’t know how he’s so calm with me and [ex-boyfriend] Charlie [Crockett] as parents!”

‘Great Gatsby’ actress Matilda is also thrilled that her brother Tom and his fiancee Sienna Miller have recently become parents to baby daughter Marlow, and jokes her younger brother Andrew will be next.

She said: “Papa Tom! Yeah, it’s amazing. I never in a million years thought that we’d time it so well — only a year-and-a-half difference. Still can’t get my head round it. Arthur’s got to get a girl pregnant at Cambridge now.”