Robert Pattinson has spoken out, to the British media, about how he "can't do anything in America".

It seems that the good-natured, well-manner Londoner, is getting sick of his constant entourage made up of paparazzi and hysterical fans.

The "Twilight" heartthrob admitted that his massive fame presents huge difficulties in the United States, more so than in Britain.

Speaking to the British OK! Magazine he said "It's changed more in America. I always thought it would've by now in London, but it hasn't really.

"I can't do anything in America. I just don't want to have any stories written about me.

"Anyone who likes going out and having their photo taken all the time, to me, seems an incredibly boring person or very delusional.

You want to take control of it all the time and it's impossible. It's nice sometimes. You do get kind of paranoid, but it allows me to do the films I want to do."

This summer Pattinson and some friends from home drove from California to Louisiana. Driving a car with his friends he stopped off at bars, museums and restaurants along the way and he received glowing reports from everyone that encountered him as being a polite, normal guy.

Although he is now impossibly famous in the U.S. it seems that he is managing to keep in under control and not let it go to his head.