Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is backing Wagner Carrilho to win The X Factor.

The absurdly good looking English actor admitted that he really enjoys watching the 54-year-old wind up snarky judge Simon Cowell.

“I love this guy," Pattinson told the press. "He doesn't have the best voice, but he enjoys what he does and I respect him for that. It’s great just to see him wind Simon Cowell up."

Pattinson added that Wagner is "the sort of guy you'd do a drunken duet with at a family wedding." He also told the press that Dannii Minogue (Kylie'a less famous sister) had invited him to the studio to watch the show live.

"I really hope Wagner is still in by the final," he said. "If filming allows I'll be there, and I guarantee I'll be wearing a Vote Wagner T-shirt."

Pattinson recently announced that he turned down a major recording contract from Cowell.