The pressure is getting all too much for Robert Pattinson.

“The Twilight” star has been on vacations visiting Kristen Stewart in Montreal, on the set of her upcoming movie “On the Road”. has suggested that the poor British hunk is on the brink of a mental breakdown. According to their report Pattinson has a couple too many alco-pops and went out on the town. The drunk actor approached fans and offered to have his photo taken with him.

Initial reports said that he was “p*** drunk” but the fan involved later said that Pattinson was “really nice and super cute.” has also reported that “Kristen’s absolutely frantic about Rob. He’s never known him to get so upset.

“He’s gone from obscurity to being one of the biggest stars on the planet and the pressure he’s under is unbelievable.

“She’s trying to keep his spirits up but she’s worried he needs more support than he lets on.”