Despite earlier rumors it seems Robert Pattinson will not be recreating the eternal legend of Jeff Buckley in the new biopic.

“Gossip Girl” star Penn Badgley has reportedly been cast ahead of the “Twilight” star.

Producers were eager to cast an actor who also played the guitar and could sing. Pattinson himself plays both the piano and guitar as well as being a talented singer, but it believed that Badgley was chosen, as his voice sounds similar to the late Buckley.

A source told “Robert Pattinson is devastated he’s lost out on the one role he really wanted,” says our insider. “It was down to Rob, James Franco and Penn for the part, and Rob was really pushing himself to get it.”

“Penn is thrilled to get this role and thinks it's the film of a lifetime.”

The source continued, “Rob hasn’t heard ‘no’ a lot lately, so he’s really bummed. He was passionate about this project.”

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