Robert Pattinson

‘Twilight’ fans will probably be pleased to hear that their beloved Edward Cullen, known to most as Robert Pattinson, wouldn’t be shy about doing sex scenes in the future.

Speaking with The Sun, Pattinson said “I don’t really have a problem with those scenes or nudity in general.”

He elaborated, “I think it’s more complicated for actresses who are worried about how those scenes can be exploited by the media and how naked photos are constantly getting posted on the internet.”

He discussed, however, filming a sex scene with co-star Patricia McKenzie for their upcoming film ‘Cosmopolis,’ and how the pair needed some extra guidance from director David Cronenberg.

“The sex scenes with Patricia were more difficult,” said Pattinson. “It was kind of strange but in the script we were supposed to climax at the beginning of the scene then have this discussion afterwards.”

“But David had the brilliant and inspired idea to have us talk while we were having sex.”

Clearly, Pattinson is ready to distance himself from the ‘Twilight’ craze and embrace deeper roles. Said Pattinson, “When you’re part of an immensely popular film franchise like Twilight, it tends to overwhelm anything else you’re doing while those films are still part of the public consciousness.”

“Now at least a film like The Hunger Games is gaining a lot of attention.” (Pattinson had been rumored to be landing the role of Finnick Odair in the next instalment of The Hunger Games franchise, but has since confirmed that he won’t be taking the role.)

“That’s a good thing for me because I can break free from a certain perception that’s been formed about me through my character in Twilight.”

Though he’s ready to step away from the ‘Twilight’ spotlight, Pattinson is still deeply grateful for the experience. “I should be very grateful for what the Twilight films have done for me. I have led a charmed life so far as an actor. But I’m trying to find as many different and complex roles as possible.”

“It’s up to me to show what I’m capable of now.”