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The 24-year-old actor – who was relatively unknown until he landed the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the ‘Twilight: Saga’ films – is more guarded around people now because he can never be sure of their motives.

In an interview with Germany’s Gala magazine, he said: “I miss meeting new people. It sounds weird to say that as an actor, but I'm talking about really getting to know someone. Usually I ask myself whether I can really trust someone and that's why most of my acquaintances stay rather superficial.”

The screen heartthrob – who is dating his ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart - says it is difficult for him to go out to restaurants and bars now because he is so well known, but he was thrilled recently when he was able to enjoy a meal in anonymity.

He explained: “The other day at a dinner. I was told I would be sitting next to a table with 18 people and my first thought was, 'Great, probably a mob of teenagers.’ But it was 18 Asian children and they didn't know who I was. It was the most relaxed dinner I've had in ages.”

Now the ‘Twilight’ movies are coming to an end, Robert believes he will have to work really hard to stop himself from being typecast in the role.

The actor – who can currently be seen starring opposite Reese Witherspoon in romantic drama ‘Water for Elephants’ - said: “When you're really successful you pay a certain price. Especially because I've been so successful with 'Twilight' I will probably have to prove for the next 10 years that I am more than just Edward.”

Visit Robert Pattinson's profile page for more stories, photos and his bio