SEE PHOTO GALLERY- Top Ten 'Twilight' Topless Stars

As “Twilight” mania continues to spread like wildfire across the globe, it seems that few people can get enough of it’s leading man Robert Pattinson.

The star has become the focus of so much media attension that he is considering hiring a body double.

The English actor has been flooded with fan mail and has been thinking of getting a body double ever since a crazed fan began following him and his on-and-off screen lover, Kristen Stewart everywhere according to femalefirst.

"He's become the focus of a group of over-zealous female fans. Robert is constantly inundated with fan mail but one group of four girls have been targeting him repeatedly, telling him they want to do ruse, saucy things to him. One girl from Japan has started turning up wherever he is.

"Robert thinks there's only one thing for it and that is to increase his security and use a body double. It may seem a bit extreme but at least he can now be in two countries at once and spend some quality time with Kristen," said a source.

The “Twilight” star has admitted that in the past he has required up to 25 security guards.