Come to think of it superstar Robert Pattinson and political firebrand Sarah Palin have a lot in common.

1. Both have been misunderestimated as George Bush might say, Pattinson was written off as a good looking empty head while Palin was essentially abandoned the same way -- boy have they proved them all wrong.

2. They both can act. Pattinson shows it at the box office every time he goes out there on a movie set. Palin shows it when she lulls the media into a false sense of security that she is (a ) going to run for president, (b) not going to run for president

3. Both had difficult families. Robert's sisters used to dress him as a girl --Sarah's kids have been all over the lot with problems such as teen pregnancy, plastic surgery etc.

4. Both come from a foreign place. OK, Alaska is in the United States, but it ain't exactly America now while Pattinson hails from England

5.Both are laughing all the way to the bank.

To hell with the critics, Roberts' bank balance is among the healthiest in Hollywood. Sarah is making a fortune from Fox and book sales

And good for them.