Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Whether or not the rumors about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are true, getting back together would be a smart financial move for the two actors.

A recent report in the Huffington Post questioned whether the reconciliation is just all part of an elaborate ruse to promote the upcoming 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

However, according to the Examiner, with billions of dollars at stake for the couple, fellow "Twilight" cast members, and Summit Entertainment,  "a temporary reconciliation makes sound financial sense."

According to Forbes, the "Twilight" franchise has earned over $1 billion in domestic box office sales so far, with another $1.5 billion earned worldwide.

Kristen Stewart topped Forbes' list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood, with earnings of $34.5 million last year, while Robert Pattinson earned$26.6 million.

A truce between Pattinson and Stewart is obviously in everyone's best interests.

"Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2" opens in theaters on November 16.